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Exterior Mirrors for your FIAT Ducato 250 Exterior Mirrors for your FIAT Ducato 250

Exterior mirror for Fiat Ducato 250 • Original Fiat & OEM quality

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External mirrors for Fiat Ducato 250, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper are available in 3 different lengths, each in electric and manual version. Please note the respective version on your vehicle or enter the original part number in our search. More information about the exterior mirrors is summarized you further down the page.

Short Arm Mirrors

Exterior Mirror - Short Arm
Electric Manuel

Medium Arm Mirrors

Exterior Mirror - Medium Arm
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Long Arm Mirrors

Exterior Mirror - Long Arm
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Turn Signal Caps

Turn Signal Caps

Mirror Glas

Mirror Glas

Mirror Protectors

Mirror Protectors

What do you need to consider when buying a Fiat Ducato 250 exterior mirror?

Purely externally, the exterior mirrors hardly differ since the introduction of the Ducato 250 from year of manufacture 2006. All mirrors have the same mount, so current mirrors can also be mounted on older vehicles.

What are the differences in exterior mirrors for Fiat Ducato?

The exterior mirrors differ in the respective installed functions, antennas & sensors. The following properties & Komponete you should consider before buying a new exterior mirror:

Mirror arm length:
The exterior mirrors for the Fiat Ducato are available in 3 different lengths. The decisive factor is the length of the lower mirror arm.

Short: about 4cm
Medium: about 12cm
Long: about 17cm

Mirror adjustment:
Here there are 3 variants:

  • electric mirror adjustment & electrically foldable
  • electric mirror adjustment & manual folding
  • manual mirror adjustment & manual folding

Info: All power-adjustable exterior mirrors include mirror heating.

Temperature sensor: (left mirror)
. Does your Ducato have an air conditioning system? Then you need a mirror with temperature sensor. This is always installed in the left mirror.

Radio Antenna: (right mirror)
. From year of manufacture 2011 you need for your Ducato a right wing mirror with AM/FM antenna. The antennas are distinguished between analog antenna (from 2011), digital antenna (from 2014) and Multi-antenna (analog + digital, from 2014).

Until year of manufacture 2011, there was the exterior mirror with orange 5W turn signal lights. These were replaced by Fiat with white 16W turn signal lights with orange cap behind the white turn signal cap. If it bothers you that you have different turn signals left and right, you can easily exchange the 5W turn signal for Replace a new turn signal cap with 16W turn signal.

Do the exterior mirrors also fit for the Peugeot Boxer & Citroen Jumper?

The exterior mirrors for the Ducato 250 are identical in construction to the mirrors for the Peugeot Boxer and the Citroen Jumper.

How to change Fiat Ducato 250 exterior mirrors?

Needed tools:

  • Torx-Screwdriver T40
  • Philips-Screwdriver
  • Plastic lever

Change the mirrors:

  1. Disassemble the door panel with the plastic levers, loosen 4 Torx screws and remove the mirror.
  2. For electric mirrors, the window regulator and speaker cover must be disassembled.
  3. Perform and connect all cables, tighten the mirror and reinstall the covers.

You can find detailed instructions with pictures and further information on the subject of exterior mirrors here (german) DUCATOSCHRAUBER.DE

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