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Our Petronas Selenia motor oil recommendations:

2 liters
Selenia WR Forward 0W-20 :

Approval: Euro 6 - Fiat 9.55535-DSX

2 liters
Selenia DigiteK Pure Energy 0W- 30:

Approval: Euro 5 - Fiat 9.55535-GS1

2 liters
Selenia WR Forward 5W-30 :

Approval: Euro 5 - Fiat 9.55535-S4

Fiat approvals - The right engine oil for your Fiat

The easiest way to find the right engine oil for your Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Lancia is via the Fiat approval number. You can find these in the operating instructions and in the service book of your car.

0W20 - Euro 6 low-friction engine oil

5W20 - Especially for American models

  • 9.55535 CR1: 5W-20 - Selenia K Power
    5W-20 synthetic motor oil specially formulated for the American engines from Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep

0W30 - smooth running engine oil

5W30 - smooth running engine oil

0W40 - High Performance Motor Oil

5W40 - engine oil for all cases

10W40 - The all-rounder oil

10W50 & 10W60 - For motorsport and high performance

Which oil for Fiat?

Petronas Selenia - Original engine oil for Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo & Lancia. Fiat recommends the use of officially approved engine oils in order to maintain the vehicle's performance, maintain low fuel consumption and longevity of the engine. The Petronas oils used ex works have been extensively tested for each area of ​​application and adapted to the requirements of the individual engines. So that your engine is always optimally protected, please pay attention to the Fiat approval in the operating instructions for your vehicle.

Which Selenia motor oil is the right one?

Petronas Selenia motor oil is available for many different areas of application. The Selenia Wide Range Forward is often used for modern diesels. Vehicles with TwinAir technology get the Selenia Digitek Pure Energy and in motorsport the Selenia Racing and the Selenia Quadrifoglio are used. Other oils are e.g. Selenia 20K and Selenia Star. Please select the correct oil above using the Fiat approval number.

Further information & assistance

You can also find the right amount of oil for your engine in the operating instructions, in the service booklet or on the oil change slip in the engine compartment. Alternatively, you can use your vehicle in PETRONAS OIL ADVISOR and select the appropriate information on the oil, oil quantity and change interval Find.

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